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Q: Do you have any demonstrations for Fissler Pressure Cooker functions?

A: Hopefully the two videos below can help you! We also have some useful information, along with downloadable manuals on our Use & Care page.



Q: Do you have any Pressure Cooker recipes?

A: There is a selection of great recipes in the Fissler recipe book "Nutritious and Delicious


Q: Where can I get my Pressure Cooker serviced?

A: Great news, we can service your pressure cooker for you!  Please call us on our Freecall number 1800 337 313 to organise.


Q: Where can I get Fissler spare parts?

A: We have a small selection of our most common spare parts available to purchase from our Online Store. If you have questions regarding which Fissler spare parts you need, we're happy to help!  The best way for us to identify the spare part you need is if you can send a photograph of the old part you wish to replace and a photograph of the product it needs to attach to via email to:  Alternatively use our Freecall number 1800 337 313 to discuss other options for identifying the part that you need.


Q: What kind of warranty do my Fissler products have?

A: Our Warranty page has plenty of useful information regarding warranty, faults and returns.  If you have questions regarding the warranty for your specific model and circumstances, we're happy to help!  If you're not sure of the model or year of your product, the best way for us to identify this is if you can send a photograph of the product in full via email to:  Alternatively use our Freecall number 1800 337 313 to discuss other options for identifying the product and its warranty status.  Please have as much information about the product and its purchase at hand so we can help you as easily as possible (a receipt with date and place of purchase along with product names and codes are specifically helpful.) 


Q: I bought my product on EBay/Amazon, can I return it?

A: Purchases from EBay/Amazon are not covered under our returns policy as we do not have any Certified EBay/Amazon Sellers.  When buying anything from EBay/Amazon it is the Seller’s responsibility to either accept returns or sell ‘as is’ and the Buyers responsibility to understand and accept these terms before the purchase.  If you have any problems with products purchased from EBay/Amazon you must contact the Seller directly.


Q: How much is shipping, handling, and processing?

A: We do not charge handling and processing fees. Our fees are calculated through Australia Post using weight and dimensions, to ensure the most reasonable fee per item is charged.

To estimate your shipping fee, simply visit the Shopping Cart page and follow the prompts on the 'Estimate Shipping' box.

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If you have any further questions that haven't been answered; about Fissler products; the company or processes we use, or would simply like to leave feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

You can contact us by calling our office on 1300 337 313 or email us using the Contact Us page.