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Uncompromising Premium Quality

Manufactured in Germany, Fissler is one of the world's leading cookware brands. It all comes down to supreme quality control and hi-tech production processes. Steadfastly stringent and made to the highest of standards, Fissler uses state of the art technology to produce the ultimate in premium quality and design. It's little wonder this award-winning collection is truly coveted by clever cooks all over the world.

Founded in 1845 by Carl Philipp Fissler, the company can looks on a success story lasting over 165 years. Experience gathered over generations tells us that technological know-how, perfect production and great innovative strength are the three pillars on which the success of the company is based. Above all, the key is that the quality product designs are continuously adapted to the needs of the customer and as a result, can satisfy an extremely wide range of requirements in the best possible manner.

 fissler history


Ahead of time for almost 170 years.

If pots could speak, Fissler pots would have quite a lot to say. They would tell us about the era of the “goulash cannon” around the turn of the last century and about the first aluminum pots for the electric stove – a sensation in the 1920’s.  They would certainly talk about Fissler’s inventions of the first stay-cool handles, all-stove base, pressure skillet and ingenious application of space technology – which resulted in the first nonstick sealing for pans. These are just a few examples taken from the long list of Fissler traditions. They demonstrate the broad range of important inventions and developments which turned what was a small plumbing shop in 1845 into one of the world’s leading and most important cookware manufacturers.  One thing is certain – today, each and every pot represents almost 170 years of experience, quality and innovation. Every single Fissler product proves – each and every day – that with it, cooking is more energy-efficient, healthy and delicious.


Each Fissler product is made from the highest quality materials, including German 18/10 hygienic stainless steel and is subject to a certified quality control system. These materials, coupled with German precise engineering and unique features, ensure that Fissler products offer a lifetime of satisfaction.


Fissler is renowned for setting standards and launching new cooking trends. Countless international partners, registered designs and awards demonstrate the company’s impressive performance. Fissler’s innovations have revolutionized the world of cooking.